Enlarging Blogger Profile Image

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I got asked how to make the profile picture in the About Me gadget bigger, unfortunately Blogger set this to default 80 x 80px. I searched around a found a way to edit this in order to make the picture bigger.

Step 1

Dashboard > Edit Profile >Photograph >

and upload your photo, make sure it's the right size, as in make sure its a large image. Otherwise when we enlarge it, it will be pixelated!

Step 2

Design > Page Elements > Add a gadget > Profile

Fill in your details and position it where you want on your blog in the Design > Page Elements.

You can see below that the image is small, so now we have to edit this.

Step 3

To edit this, click Design > Template Designer > Advanced > Add Css & add the following code

height: auto;
width: 200px;

You can edit this number to whatever suits you and your blog layout.

Then press enter & click apply to blog. You can see from the image below that my profile picture is now larger.