Facebook, Youtube & Google+ get a new look!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Google+ gets an update redesign 2013

Google+ has rolled out some new features and a new look, announced on the Google+ blog yesterday that users will gradually see some new features on the site over the next couple of weeks. Once new change is the new local review tab, as well as a larger cover photo (2120 x 1192 pixels) and some other changes to the about you section. Personally, I think the cover photo is too big (I've cut the top of in the photo above - check out what I mean on my Google+ page) but what do you think?

Facebook new changes and look 2013 redesign
Facebook new changes and look 2013 redesign

Facebook also has a redesign in motion, which is expected to include multiple new feeds based on categories such as Instagram photos, listening to, news and artist updates. With more areas to scroll through, users will more than likely spend longer on the site. Mashable has reported a new look for Facebook has already launched in New Zealand, which includes a new toolbar below the cover photo and a new about me widget beneath the cover photo. Facebook is holding a press event today so we will soon hear more about these updates, Check out my Facebook for updates as well as photos and videos. For more screenshots of the new design visit Mashable.

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Update (6:30pm)

Facebook unveils new design during press event which is currently taking place, showing that the news feed will evolve and focus will be placed on bigger clearer images, music streams and multiple news feeds. Join in as Mashable give live updates! Videos and photos can be found on my Facebook page.

Youtube introduce one channel, a new design allowing users to have a bigger header and a trailer video for people who aren't subscribed to their channel. It also lets users organise and display their videos better and have control over what content subscribers see. To read more and upgrade your channel visit YouTube One Channel.

Facebook Screenshots via Mashable.

What do you think of the new changes?
Do you wish social media sites stopped changing?