A Social Media Update

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Well there's been quite a few changes over the last couple of week. I wrote about the recent update to Bloglovin with the introduction of Profile pages which I think is a great update, allowing a much more personal experience and also Pinterest launching Secret Boards, another great update allowing you to hide boards that you're not quite ready to share yet. This week we saw two major updates from Twitter & Instagram...

New Twitter Bloglovin Pinterest Instagram Updates Photo Filters Web Profiles December 2012

At the start of this week, Instagram updated with a new look in the camera/photo section, this makes it quicker to choose an image in your photo library as well as Foursquare integration, better tilt-shift and a new monochrome effect. Instagram also made a change that prevents images being seen on the Twitter timeline as a preview instead being directed to Instagram via a link, they seem to be promoting the use of web profiles more and more. Instagram photos can no longer be seen in the Twitter users photo gallery either. This is all very annoying for Twitter users but a possibly smart and defensive move for Instagram as Twitter have released their own version. Don't forget Facebook bought Instagram earlier in the year.

New Twitter Bloglovin Pinterest Instagram Updates Photo Filters Web Profiles December 2012

Twitter partnered with Aviary to introduce Photo Filters. Users are now able to take a picture, edit & publish it all on Twitter, with 8 effects to choose from in a single grid or swipe through view as well as cropping and zooming and an auto enhance feature. The best part after the news from Instagram? They can be viewed automatically on Twitter. Today (December 12th) Twitter will be updating everyones profile to the new one, with headers and photo filters.

LinkedIn also got a bit of an update, the new look appears a lot cleaner and easier to navigate around a persons profile with bigger headings and images.

What do you think? Will you still use Instagram or will you be switching over to Twitter Photos instead?


Dropbox is an incredibly free service, allowing you to access all your photos, music, videos and documents anywhere. Once installed on your computer, anything in the DropBox folder will be uploaded for you to access anywhere. I have it on my laptop, computer and iPhone which allows for quick transfer of assignments, photos and files. I was first introduced to it in college and we all use it to send files to each other without having to compress, attach/upload, wait for everything to load and send. This week Dropbox launched Links, allowing you to share files or folders of any size with anyone even if they aren't using Dropbox, simply copy and share the link. Want to check out the service, you can visit Dropbox & join here!