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Monday, October 22, 2012

How to write great content for your blog tips and tricks design tutorials

This is the first part of a series about creating great content for your blog and how to properly share this to increase traffic to your blog. When writing a post, they're are a few steps that should be taken. Once the topic is chosen, you should research it as much as you can. Once you know all the areas you want to talk about, it is important to categorise these to make it easier to follow and put them under a heading.  It is also important to have good Search Engine Optimisation, remember that it's easy to please Google but it's just as easy to overdo it. For 500 words, you should use keyword about 5 times. Set up Google Analytics to see what posts are popular and what grabs readers attentions, also have a look at Google Adwords, see whats being searched and what keywords you should be including. The series contains tips thats I've learned from college and from doing my own research, so hopefully you find it useful.
  • Article should be unique. Try an original twist on an old topic.
  • Write in your own voice, in a format thats easiest for you.
  • Be consistent, write frequently. Find a schedule that suits you and your topic.
  • Visual appealing "Pull" Photos, Screenshots & any other relevant images. Don't copy!
  • Write good quality content, less words with more depth.
  • Keep SEO in mind, read some SEO tips here
  • Article should be well formatted, clutter free and easy to read.
  • Stick to the topic and keep post relatively short.
  • Select a keyword rich, interesting but relevant title.
  • Set up Google Analytics & Google Adwords.
  • Keep it interactive. Ask questions. Ask for their opinions or tips.
  • Update old, dead posts and link to them.
  • Remember its Quality over Quantity!

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Part #2 of this series is on Social Media & Sharing your posts for more traffic, available Tuesday.