Add LinkWithin to Blog

Saturday, September 1, 2012

LinkWithin is a realy handy widget to have installed on your blog. It shows stories (previous posts) at the end of each blog post that you publish. This helps to navigate people around your blog, making them stay longer. When they finish reading your newest post, they might see something interesting and click on it to read. Setting up LinkWithin is really easy and almost automatic.

First thing you need to do is head over to LinkWithin here, Fill in your details in the box that appears and follow the online instructions (click "Instal Widget" in point 1). After selecting your blog, it will ask you to name & save ("Add Widget").

Usually, it will appear on the top of your sidebar, either right or left. Move it to under your blog posts gadget, like I show in the following photos.

Now you will see something similar to this image beneath each post. They tend to be similar topics. Make sure to use an image in your blog posts, as this will catch the readers attention.

A new alternative is nRelate, read about it here.