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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guide tutorial how to use rockmelt best browsers productivity productive social media

I wrote a little about Rockmelt browser in this Best Browsers post. It is definately one of my favourite browsers and I know a lot of people that have switched over to it since I recommended it. It is basically Google Chrome but with added Social Media, allowing you to post and share straight from the browser. If you addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube and everything else, then you'll probably love this! It's now available for your iPhone and iPod Touch and they are working on it for the iPad and for Android. Visit Rockmelts Website for more information and to download the browser.

Special Features
  • Built in chat, so you can stay in touch with friends.
  • A share buttons which lets you post to many different sites, update your Facebook status, Twitter, Tumblr, add to Gmail or post on a friends wall.
  • Automatic sync so you can login from anywhere.
  • Add RSS Feeds, Apps or Websites and receive instant updates & news.
  • Choose a theme, add widgets and everything else available on Chrome.

  Guide tutorial how to use rockmelt best browsers productivity productive social media

1. Compose

Update your status, post to Facebook Walls, Send Messages, Send to Gmail, Tweet and so on, all from this button.

  • Find it in the upper left hand corner, click it and a box will appear.
  • In the To: area, add in wherever or whoever you want to post it to.
  • Add Comments, Links, Location and click Share

2. Share

Like on many smartphones, you can quickly share the page you're looking at. It also gives you the option to add a comments. Simply click the Share button and the link is automatically added, all you have to do is decide where to share it.

3. App Center

This is my favourite feature, you get instant updates from the sites you've added. You can add Apps, Websites or even RSS Feeds. As you surf the web, if a webpage has an Apps, it will be suggested. Just click to instal. Once it's on your panel, click it to reveal a slide out box will all updates from that site. You can also click on the add button and search for what you like.

4. Favourite Friends

We all have those people we always talk to online, so why not keep them at the top of the chat box. 
  • Click on the expand button on the bottom of your friend edge.
  • Search for your fav friends, click the star next to them.
  • The gift icon will invite your friends to Rockmelt.

5. View Later

Bookmarking "I need to read this but don't have time right now" pages is handy, but they build up and cause an overflow of clutter in your bookmarks bar. Be honest, how often do you go back to find it so you can read it? With this, you create a reading list, once read you can simply remove it.
  • When on a page you want to read later, click the clock in the URL bar or click on the clock underneath an item in your app feed. 
  • Click the clock in the App Edge and see everything you've added.

6. Facebook

Facebook is built in to Rockmelt, although I'm hardly ever on Facebook anymore it's a handy thing to have. I mostly use it to check for college updates so Rockmelt tells me without having to use another tab. Confirm friend requests, send/reply to messages and get instant notifications from your Rockmelt browser.

7. Social Omnibox

Message friends, post on their wall and open apps, all from Rockmelt.
  • Type your friends name or App into the search bar.
  • Click View Profile, Message, Write on Wall. View site or open App.

8. Quiet Mode

No more distractions. Turn on Quiet Mode by clicking the bell in the upper right hand corner, this will hide your App & Friend Edges, go offline in chat and disable notifications so you can get some work done. When your finished, turn Quiet Mode off again.

Change Preferences

Change how you get notified, app behavior, edge positioning, social reading and much more by clicking Rockmelt & Preferences. 

Want Even More?

Check out Google Chromes Webstore to add extensions (widgets/apps/themes/etc) to your Rockmelt Browser. Look out for reviews of some of my favourites coming soon.

Have you tried Rockmelt? What do you think about the features?

Check out some of my favourite browsers in this post. If you liked this post and find this blog useful, please share it! xo